PREVIEW: MASH Tour of California 2009 Jul 13, 2009

PREVIEW: MASH Tour of California 2009 from MASH TRANSIT PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

I know everyone’s seen this already, but I still want to post it because it’s pretty epic. Makes me wanna take my road bike out! Yeah, mentioning a road bike is kind of missing the point here, since they rode it fixed, but it should encourage anyone with a bike to ride further than their neighborhood’s boundary.

Get out and spin!

  • Ran

    Anyone know what sort of ratio’s they used?

  • the chain ring is definitely not a 52 and the cog is too small to be even 17 teeth.

    I’d guess it was 46/16 or 48/16

    most likely 48 by how fast the were going though.

  • nate

    they changed ratios several times throughout the ride depending on terrain.

  • I’m pretty sure that they changed cogs depending on the type of riding for a certain day. I doubt the guys would be able, even though they’re the famous Mash crew, to do the entire TOC on a single ratio; it would just be way too difficult.

  • Edward Scoble

    Quite frankly, that’s not taking it to the next lever, it’s only 750 miles in the space of 9 days with support vehicles.

    normally in the space of 9 days, 3,000 miles is usually covered, even thought that’s usually on geared, and remember, the Tour De France at the turn of the century were ridden on fixed wheel bicycles, and on poorly made road.

    netherless, kudos to them for doing it, a hipster way of tackling the ride, even thought their standard of riding isn’t good (fair enough they’re not professional).

  • William

    You realize covering 3000 miles in 9 days is ~330 miles a day, which, if they rode 12 hours a day would mean they’d have to average ~28 miles an hour just to cover that? For that matter, where are you getting 9 days/3000 miles from? The Tour de France which you keep referring to(which, I might add, is absurd, this is the tour of CALIFORNIA, and no, normally they do not cover 3000 miles, the tour normally covers the same amount that’s being covered this year) is a 20+ day race where they cover closer to TWO thousand miles, not three(The 08 tour was ~2200 miles long). I’m not sure where you’re getting any of this high-handed condescension from. Excluding the fact that any one of these guys could, without a doubt, destroy you in speed and stamina, the reasons you’re stating for them not “taking it to the next lever” are completely asinine.

  • jeff p

    i’m just pumped they used a skin like iron track for the background music, band and video both shred

  • Vera Trbovich