Golden Ticket Winner For No Cassettes Jul 16, 2009

Pre-order yours here and if you’re lucky, you’ll find a golden ticket for a free DC x SE PK Ripper!

  • Bart Manns

    I need the golden ticket. Growing up in the 80’s riding Mongooses, GT’s, and Schwinn Predators was a great time. Back in those days we rode what was accesable to us and what our parents could afford to buy us. Every once in a while we would get a glimpse of the holy grails. The HUTCH, maybe a Redline(equipped with flight cranks), or on even a rare occasion a PK Ripper. In Indiana back in those Day’s PK Rippers were only talked about, and referred to often. Now here it is 2009 and I still love bicycles. I am currently in need of one and couldn’t think of a better rig for my own self enjoyment and for pulling my baby girl around the neighborhood.