For Thousands of Miles Jul 22, 2009

Teaser 016 from mike ambs ☂ on Vimeo.

I just had 3 of my friends ride cross-country and have some other friends in the process of doing so as I’m typing this. Touring seems to be more and more popular nowadays and with bikes at their highest point in decades, everyone seems to be moving across the country on 2 wheels, not 4.

For Thousands of Miles is a movie about documenting two rider’s journey (talk about epic); as they ride cross-country, for thousands of miles (cue Family Guy reference). If this is going to be a full-length film, it’ll be interesting to see how they fill the time up. It’s gotta be more than just 60 minutes of riding.

  • This clip was shot in North Dakota. I can recognize that landscape anywhere. You totally beat me to this post btw :P

  • Hey Prolly ;) Thanks for the link-love!

    Just wanted to say that FToM *is* a feature length film, and it’s much less about two people’s ride (even though only one was able to finish) across the country… it’s very focused on the after-effects of an experience like that.

    I would imagine that your 3 friends who just returned from a long-ride are going through some pretty emotional stuff these days. I will definitely be catching up on their blog.

    And also – what’s the Family Guy reference? :P