DPH in Chi Town Jul 27, 2009

Pitted! I wanna ride that!

Ladies up in the spot!

How you gonna Keep Watch with your hand over your eyes?

Nice shots guys. Peep the rest here at Tim Kainu’s Flickr.

  • john

    yo i ride past that sea wall in the first pic all the time. the stretch of lake path is great. i was wondering when it would show up on prolly. good stuff.

  • Burd

    That first photo with the water almost doesn’t look real. Chicago along the lake is gorgeous in the summer…

  • Shea[DPH]

    Thanks for the post Prolly! I was gonna send most of these your way once the rest were uploaded and edited, cause theres a lot more on there way, and I figured it would be cool to have some photo recap of the Tricks and Drinks event in Chicago.

    The sea wall was mad fun though. i cant wait to go back and get even more pitted on that shit.

  • delco douchebag

    come to DELCO woman!

  • EFFF YEAH, GO DPH! Come back to Chi soon, you guys totally brought the pwn.

  • TA

    That bike in the first photo needs to leave the ground.

  • Jake[DPH]

    Haha, I still got the eye on my cap :P
    Thanks for posting these!

  • dontcoast

    thanks for coming out DPH, and thanks seth root, you showed me the midwest still throws down. it was great to be back in chicago for a second and to pull some fun times together on the fly.

    i’m stoked you guys found the wallride spot by the museum campus, i used to hit that up with chicagofreeride back in the day

    the rest of chi town better step it up! too many good spots unused! too much slow fixed gear riding without pedal retention! lets see what yall got!

  • That sea wall is a legendary skate spot. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve almost fallen in the water there.

  • GG

    Yeah, the shit that’s been done on a skateboard at Seawall over the years is amazing.

    Just around the corner from where the pic was taken is some type of sewer cap that sits a bit below the over vert part and I remember seeing a photo of a very young Jesse Neuhaus carving right over it with ease.

  • wilis

    Austin and I rode that wall while I was in town for the NACCCS last year! So much fun soooo steep.

  • Laali (Jake)

    Peep it Prolly!
    (Same wall!)

  • Good call on that one Jake! Someone had to let the cat out the bag!

  • Shea[DPH]

    Killah Kyle killed that wall. All I did was manage to give it a black eye….

    But hey, at least the photo looks good! ha.

  • mayorforlife

    I agree with dontcoast.

    Chicago needs to step it up a bit in the trick dept., and there seems to be a lack of people into hard, fast and aggresive riding who also like to cover a lot of distance.

    Chicago’s a large city…there’s a lot to explore and plenty of ground to cover.