Priest Bars 1 Jack Crank 0 Jun 26, 2009

I love Jack. He’s one of my favorite people in NYC. To call his bicycle stable classy is an understatement. Let’s see, a Pogliaghi, an Olmo, a Pinarello and I’m sure I’m missing one. A lot of people here ride Cinelli Priest bars on their vintage rode frames. They’re super comfortable and ideal for city riding. Unfortunately, the first two generations were prone to shearing off at the clamp.

Jack found this out the hard way last night, coming back from the City. I waited for him at the bottom of the bridge and when he rolled up, that’s what I saw!


Keep eating that metal Jack.

  • Edward Scoble

    Shit man, and on top they’re pretty expensive and rare to find!

    how do you go about finding out whether the bar you have are prone to shearing off at the clamp? the last thing I want is to smash my face against the tarmac!

  • I love Jack tooo :) Especially ‘cos of photos like this!

  • lady

    michael bay explosions!!!!!!!!

  • I love Jack! He’s my BRO!

    He let me hit barspins and footplantspins on his crazy chopper!

  • dannyrocks

    Brooklyn and Manhattan are the same city.