Bootleg Sessions 3 Review Jun 9, 2009


So I watched Bootleg Sessions 3 last night and I have to say, I’m impressed. The caliber of riding has increased ten fold. Everyone’s moving faster and even the ‘new jacks’ who only started riding within the last few months are really picking up steam.

It had a fun and spontaneous feel to it and along with some new faces, the old heads were back at it full steam. Even Killa Kyle from Tracko made a cameo! It’s always refreshing to see Sam Miller ride and Tom LaMarche has what I’m calling the longest nose mannie on a fixed gear to date in his section!

I’m also super impressed with the editing and super stoked to see 4 come out next year!

Get your copy here NOW and check out the winners for the pre-order contest!

And the Bootleg Sessions v.3 pre-order prize winners are…

Profile Racing Hubs – Jorge Herrera
Milwaukee MKE Bruiser Fork – Kevin Phomma
Velocity Rims from – David Miyachi
Mishka Pack – Jonas Fridolfsson
3Bancho Pack – Kristopher Kanaly
Sup Clothing pack – Telford Crisco
Very Masa cap – Alexander Osuna

So there you go. To the winners, you will be contacted soon. Congrats!


  • Oh and I love the new BS3, but I wish it was longer. Was kinda surprised it was so short.

  • Jonas

    Mishka Pack ftw!!

  • agree on the length. only 35 minutes of footage and that includes the “bonus footage”. im actually REALLY excited for empire, i think the editing, music, and riding will be top notch. i hope im right, cause im really excited for that to come out.

  • Empire’s got a new trailer in the BFF. Make sure you catch it. Pretty rad!

    We’ve got some great stuff happening with it. Expect personality, a good glimpse at NYC’s scene and some killer riding. Seriously good riding.

  • Mr. Alex

    oh yeah, Very Masa Cap hella legit

  • me

    saw this friday night in atlanta. pretty cool stuff. prolly you’re not bad!