Bianch Pista Via Brera Jun 2, 2009

Not bad! Bianchi is never afraid to address market shifts. I saw something similar at Interbike this year sans color coordination. The Pista Via Brera addresses the city fixed crowd’s desire for a traditional steel townie-influenced fixed gear. All it needs is a fork with a proper crown and a front basket or rack. Maybe a bell too. As always, the guys over at Urban Velo are on top of the game with some more information on the new Bianch Pista Via Brera.

  • Don

    Townie? ummmmmm….no, but nice try. The only things that make this a townie are the cork grips and the earth tone color scheme. This is a brakeless, pista geometry, seatpost-to-the-sky, get-ready-for-the-h-bomb hipstermobile. Bianchi already makes nice townies in the form of the Milano series. While the production model of this thing will have the torpedo hub and therefore brakes, I seriously doubt it’s going to have provisions for larger tires, fenders, or racks. I imagine it will also ship with a 48 or 46 tooth chainring, which makes for a pretty tall gear for a townie. I guess you could P-clamp the crap out of it or do a Wald front basket, but at the end of the day this is just a Pista in a seersucker jacket and a straw boater.

  • Don,

    I meant more of a city-fixed townie influenced bike. I am well aware of what this bike is in reality and what a proper townie bike is.

    Thanks for the comment / frustration!


  • Looks better and makes more sense than drops for riding around town.

  • MightyChin

    looks like a fixed T O U R I N G bike to me

  • T O U R I N G
    T O U R I N G
    T O U R I N G
    T O U R I N G

  • Aren

    i like it. but i like bianchi bicycles in general. and if you cant push a 48 up front you shouldnt be riding. just kidding. but seriously. just kidding.

  • dontcoast

    hmm. just a flat bar pista. in cream color. yawn.

    ok, i actually like it way better colorwise than any pista since the battleship greys, but nothing new under the sun here (that i can see)

    also, sorry to be the opinionated prick again, but racks do NOT belong on brakeless fixed gears. kills the feel, massively reduces the control of a brakeless machine, no real functional benefit…

    now, on a singlespeed townie, i’m all for racks of all kinds, as for on commuters or touring bikes, or even fixed gears with brakes ~maybe. but please not on brakeless machines.

    don, thanks for mentioning the milano. the milano is a really great bike that would be a much better choice for so many people shopping for bikes who get sold on track bikes because of looks/trends. wish it was more agressively marketed.

  • I know plenty of people who ride them on brakeless machines, full-time messengers and they have no complaints. Guess they’re just more skilled than others!


  • Edward Scoble

    Such a shame that the Bianchi Pista is no longer a ‘Pista’ since Bianchi relaxed the geometry in their 2009 bike.

    why didn’t they stick their crowned fork? they have them in Japan?

    see the fork?

  • dontcoast

    i’ve been a messenger and ridden in deep traffic with 30lb printer boxes on my handlebars, as well as on racks on borrowed machines. this was in chicago, pancake flat. i wouldn’t encourage anyone to do so in most cities, and in hilly places it becomes downright sketchy.

    when it comes to big cargo, there’s a reason freewheels, small gears and racks exist.

    it’s not that you can’t do it, just that there waaaaaay better ways to do it which i would rather encourage.

    just like a beginner commuter might be ok on a cheap mountainbike or a singlespeed road bike, but would probably have their needs met better by a nice hybrid commuter.

    now, as far as cargo hauling, what i really love is bike designs along the lines of the CETMA cargo front loader. now that’s design that makes sense. (not a big fan of their front rack or any fork mounted rack, once again, useable but at steep cost to steering)

    whew. ranty these days.

  • Dontcoast, it’s not ranting, it’s informative!

  • My opinion: it looks nice. I like Bianchis, generally. I think they always do a nice job with design and functionality. I can only guess that’s why people hate on them.

    I like the cork grips

  • Ebisu Shibuya


    I like my fork, thanks – that’s my lime Pista here in Japan! I just switched the front handles to Nitto B483AA’s (seagull style):

    I also converted it back to single speed 48/18, with dual brakes.

    Finally, I added a removable, ‘shopper’ style basket.

    Hideous! I’ll post pics soon – it’s my own townie.

    I’ve since built up a true keirin Level frame with drops and all, so my wife rides this one now. She loves the conversion.