Aloha Fixed: Tanner and Lindsay Jun 7, 2009

Aloha Fixed: Tanner and Lindsay from ALOHA FIXED on Vimeo.

Wait till the end for a 1440 Big Spin and a 1080 Triple Tap. Banging.

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Chainring Grind to 3 Tap

  • Noir

    That 3 vader was cool

  • tommy

    why are these guys not getting proto shit from mke and volume?

  • iansmash

    damn HI is killin it right now

    No mention of the footjam 360 nose pivot?

  • 2:08 that foot jam nose pivot BLOWS MY MIND every time

  • tdhk

    well, Tanner is a new member of the SE team (the blue bike) and Lindsay is not sponsored. If you look closely Lindsay is on a conversion. If someone would like to get him on a team/sponsored ;) hit up

  • dontcoast

    linday fo’ sure deserves a sponsor. very unique style- love it.

  • king of all fixed wheels

    do your shit in clips

  • tdhk

    King of all Fixed,

    can I see a vid of your tricks? (in clips)