Third Coast Fixed May 27, 2009 will be launching shortly. Be sure to catch it when it does. Video is pretty good. Some fixed first timers in there. Fakie bar hop to slider is the banger and it’s in the first 10 seconds!

If ya gotta ask where the Third Coast is, YA SLEEPIN!

  • otherPuckett

    Oh shit AJ with the banger!


  • j

    uggh dispite the d bag yelling shit like a fool at the start. its an ok video.
    stop acting gangstah people!

  • j

    fakie barspin to slider nice… im gonna have to sneak that trick! it looks good

  • corwin not gordon

    yeah third coast fool. more lean and more screw. do it right fools. uh. yeah. gangsta. CORWIN!

  • middleclass

    Who’s acting “gangsta”? We’re from Houston, it’s only natural to love to UGK.