Milwaukee Bruiser 2nd Gen Proto May 26, 2009

It’s up! A huge noticeable difference too. The rear end is shorter [hell, I need a 1/2 link in there I think!], the standover is muuuuch better and believe it or not, I think it’s lighter.

It Glows
Bruiser Preview 2
Bruiser Preview

  • nate

    Is this a large? I think you might have sold me on this bike. also what size tires are you running? looks sick with dayglo fork jammie up front.

  • Yep. It’s a Large. We took a 1cm off the standover and TT length.

  • neon is the new black!

  • Ran

    Does shorter back end affect the ‘pop’?

  • easier to wheelie.

  • scissorneck

    goodin good dude…just waitin on my 2nd gen fork yo……

  • ario

    lookin good. what are those toe-straps?

  • so does this mean youll be offing the purple?

  • chris b.

    saw you riding through my neighborhood at dusk last night. the bike does look nice. good job. the fork really does glow.

  • Burd


  • …damn, that looks mighty fine. i’m not so keen on how heavy it looks, but it looks as though it can take whatever you throw at it.

  • It’s actually lighter than you’d think. Everyone who lifts it up is surprised.

  • pasco

    that’s a lot of clearance. Are those 650’s? In fact, wouldn’t mind a run down of the set up if you had a minute.

  • Pasco, yeah, we designed the frame and fork together, resulting in a steep head tube angle [74.5*] and a ton of clearance for barspins…

    Build list:

    SRAM Omniums 44t Fyxomatosis ring
    Twisted PC Pedals
    Hold FAST straps
    36h Profile 4x 700c Velocity Chukkers
    16t Profile cog
    Thomson setback
    Grunge saddle
    O* Rise Thomson X4 Stem
    1.5″ Rise Truvativ OS clamp bars
    Stolen Grips…