Bootleg Sessions 3 Trailer May 3, 2009

Bootleg Sessions v.3 — Full Trailer from Ride/Relax Productions on Vimeo.

Wooo hooooo!

The best Bootleg Sessions yet!

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  • Jesse

    Looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!

    I like all the different types of riding they’re showing! It makes me happy to see all styles together like that.

  • The tricks themselves have undoubtedly progressed but, as I think I said in another comment, wasn’t there lots of talk about improving the production quality? The filming is still mediocre at best, as is the editing. Frankly, the poor filming takes a lot away from some of the more impressive and progressive tricks.

  • Spencer, it was originally, but we decided to make Empire go in that direction and have BLS stay bootleg, like the name implies. Having a video high in production quality / grade takes away from the fast-paced timeline.

    If Burd and those involved shot all HD and higher production, the video would take too long to produce and the tricks would be dated.

  • big ups y’all!

    i was up in college station for a race this weekend and the ravenfeeders and i jammed this three times in a row this morning! shit is huge

    stick yer neck out!

  • allender

    stoked to have made it in the trailer. i owe mosher for that. cant wait to see it.

  • Prolly,

    That provides some explanation about the improving production issue, but I suppose we will just have to disagree to some extent. I certainly agree that the progression of tricks is moving quickly but not so quickly as to warrant having low end production. Sounds like Empire may be more up my alley though.

  • people always forget, it’s called “BOOTLEG” sessions, not “HD” Sessions…


  • hfwido

    The quality is obviously on a sharper level than the first two volumes, so you all should be stoked. I don’t understand what the problem is. Not everything should have to be upped to HD all of a sudden, just because the technology is out there. We should all remember as well, that this sport, situation, life style, or whatever you want to call it, is still fairly young. There is not tons of funding for it yet, so it isn’t that easy to just “do it HD”.

  • Matt C.

    God this shit is so sick. I need to ride harder.

  • Just to clarify real quick, I never said anything about HD. Improving production on a video doesn’t solely mean filming in HD.

  • ur a n8

    hfwido…..I thought you were on an internet time out!

    I don’t think anyone has a problem…just opinions.

  • Andrew

    S.Lemon – correct. A lot of the footage (all of ours for instance) actually was shot on HD. I believe, in the interest of getting this DVD out on a timeline (and affordably), there wasn’t the time to do a lot of post-production (color correction, etc). Additionally, because it’s a DVD, everything is crushed down to NTSC anyway.

    The capacity for recording the next bootleg sessions entirely in HD exists, but if you want all the fancy post-production be prepared to pay more per disc.

  • TOM

    Bootleg Sessions 3 will only be available on VHS cassettes this time.