Bootleg Sessions 3 Roster May 13, 2009


pic by johnnystiles

Wow. You’ve gotta be kidding. 37 riders? Incredible! And to think it all started only 2 years ago.

Tyler Johnson – Seattle
Yama – Osaka
Yu – Osaka
Kango – Osaka
Mike Carney – Mpls
Anthony Veblen – Mpls
Bob Garzon – Mpls
Bradley Kayne – Mpls
Jeff Frane – Mpls
Jesse Hilliard – Mpls
Burd Phillips – Indpls
Shawn Wolf – Indpls
Kyle Kelley – L.A. (filmed in Indpls)
Tom Mosher – Toronto
Chris Clappe – Seattle
Zach Hoffner – Seattle
Andrew Allender – Seattle
Tanner Monmaney – Honolulu
Justin Taylor – San Marcos, TX
Sam Miller – Vancouver
Sam Allgood – Salt Lake City
Tony Fast – Philly
John Prolly Watson – NYC
Tom LaMarche – Philly
Dre Reyes – Singapore
Oscar Khan – London
Chris Celia – London
Gus Mallet – London
Juliet Elliot – London
Mikey Meek – London
Andy Ellis – London
Odge Wong – London
Ted James – London
Jason Smith – Bloomington, IN
Jeremiah Jones – NYC
Chris Wielk – NYC
Nate Gogol – NYC

via the Bootleg Blog

  • ur a n8

    haha…..I had no idea I was on there.

  • Chris Fonseca

    Where are the Bay riders on the roster. Dam I can’t believe no bay riders sent any footage out. Now there wont be anyone holding down the westcoast/bay.

  • Burd

    Everybody in SF has their own projects going… ;)

    Kinda crazy to think that there were only 13 riders in the first Bootleg Sessions.

  • ur a n8

    there is still some rippers from Seattle holdin down the west side!