Blast the Hip May 21, 2009


With a banging x-up!

Andrew has a couple pics from Tricks and Drinks 2 on his Flickr. Great shots!

  • Carmel

    Bam! Super nice!
    What frame is he running?

  • carney

    it’s a powder coated, 2nd gen. cutter

  • scissorneck

    why didnt you call me carney I was at the gov center all nite with some real riders

  • Were those real riders blasting hips with 3′ x-ups?



  • Sam

    Damnit! Why did I leave early?

  • Burd

    This spot looks familiar…

  • vin-E

    I knows dat guy!! hahahaha

  • Patches

    Looks like a t bar to me ;)

  • scissorneck

    no :( i love riding with mike he pushes me to try hard and super positive.,