Tough Guy Apr 1, 2009


Andy, the Track Cunt over at Fyxomatosis just posted a design for a new shirt he’s producing next week. Made me laugh.

Look people, this is what real track racers look like!

The real reason why I posted this is because of a recent event that made my day. I was ghost-riding my Milwaukee over to Affinity to replace my bottom bracket. There aren’t that many bike lanes in the neighborhood and a lot of the drivers around here hate any inconvenience in the form of two wheels, much less two wheels pushing another set of wheels alongside it, so I took some back roads to a nearby bike lane en route to the shop. As I’m going the right way down the block, a kid riding a track bike no-handed while talking on his phone is coming at me, going the wrong way, in the bike lane. As I squeeze by, he says to me “outta the way meat head”…

Now if only I had been wearing this shirt…

  • DBR

    haha. I love the sociality curve of any hobby/trend. It goes from:
    1. you know everyone who does the thing because it’s so obscure you have to invent it yourself
    2. you’re stoked to see anyone do it and you become friends when you see each other at it.
    3. Everyone starts doing it and you get looked at askance by the new adopters.
    4. Ubiquity and outright hostility.

    I’ve personally watched this happen with Longboarding in Salt Lake City. Comparing the vibe of riding my bike in Salt Lake and always talking to other riders vs. the built in cold shoulder I’ve gotten in SF makes me never want to move to a big city.

  • JS

    Sadly, we’ve hit #4.
    Happened to me with snowboarding and now this. Pity..

  • Halfclit Nitwit Dumb $hit

    shouldnt this post be about how he stole the logo from gold’s gym

  • Wow. You’re a quick one. No shit man! That’s his point. Track racers work out, they go to the gym. They’re meat heads. If you’re into track racing and you’re not doing a ‘bigger faster stronger’ workout, then you’re just hurting your own potential.

  • Halfclit Nitwit Dumb $hit

    no bud, i think you missed the point. i fully get that real track riders are built up. my comment was in ref:

    idk maybe i feel that if you call out one person for doing a similar design, then you should call this dude out for full on jacking that logo, instead of coming up with his own little ripped up guy holding a bike.

    just my .02

  • a reappropriation of a corporate logo is different than taking something from the ‘underground’ community you ‘support’.

  • kale

    I think the track salmoner was just giving you props for the mad sideshow on your whip. Haven’t you heard that Mac Dre rhyme “Dippin’ and yokin’ my wood grain whip, like a track bike – bitches be ridin’ my dick, call me Meathead if you likes to trick, I’ll hook you up with my top notch Crest shit”


  • tedpowerphoto

    so was he calling you a meathead because you cant wear your girlfriends jeans?
    you are a buff one prolly.
    no homo.