This is What I’m Talking About! Apr 10, 2009


Beastly! Seriously. I wanna ride that thing at Tracklocross!

  • Jon

    I think a handlebar more suited to offroad riding would make this bike perfect. Like maybe some wide road drops. Maybe some brakes too.

  • Jared

    NJS spec monstercross bikes!?

  • “the result of a lot of nights dreaming of the ultimate racing bicycle in a postnuclear apocalyptic world, where there’s nothing left but remains of what in another time was a perfect tarmacs and squared cities world…”

    I squeeze a 2.5″ Hookworm into the disc brake CX fork on my tall bike. I know the world he speaks of.

  • ze

    …I think that is one of the most beautiful bicycles that I have seen, she has inspired me for realize one of mine fixed…..

  • jayjay

    Why is this not the new trick/fix setup? Add some risers and some more appropriate pedals and such, that wheel set up can be your answer to finding a wheelset that can take the abuse. Granted, the line between mountain bike and Track bike would be more blurred than ever. But then again, what’s new?

  • agree with the risers / flats, and maybe platforms with straps for tricks, but does no one else think the solid seat post / tube might be a bit unfortunate for every person whos not that exact size?

    otherwise, its sick.

  • nickinwi

    this has been around for…a year? how can this be getting publicity now?