Outlier Merino Hoodies Apr 29, 2009

I actually got a few emails from people asking how the new Outlier Merino hoodies fit. Well, the Brooklyn-based company released a few pics of Austin Horse wearing one to show just that. In all honesty, especially in this freakishly early warm weather we’ve been having, I’m over cotton. I’ve been wearing merino boxers and the Outlier merino wool shirt as much as possible lately.

Wool doesn’t always mean itchy, scratchy and hot. Merino breathes better than cotton and due to its wicking nature, keeps you cooler when it’s hot out.

Beautiful job guys!

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Outlier Merino Wool Shirts

  • Outlier get all the superstars to model their clothes!
    Nice looking hoodie!
    Respect the Horse!

  • kale

    Swobo has a sale on merino t’s right now for $40. It’s not as local… but the price is right.

  • the horse is haut!

  • justAnotherRider

    The image of Austin wearing that Outlier stuff is kind of comical. Here we have a poor bike messenger who can’t afford health insurance wearing $200 sweatshirts.
    Don’t get me wrong, I know that stuff is great, and I’d love to be able to afford it, but knowing who he is makes it a bit ironic after seeing his interview in that health care piece.
    I hope they at least paid him or let him keep that hoodie.

  • having one sweatshirt you can wear everyday for a year or more is a lot different than spending $600 a month on healthcare in NYC. Yes, it is $600 a month.

    That’s like saying, “he’s so broke he can’t afford healthcare and he’s riding phil wood hubs”.

    When you’re on your bike everyday, being comfortable is a big part of it. I don’t know if Outlier gave him the hoodie, but they surely didn’t pay him. We’re all a community here, one that helps each other out.