Exploded Axons Apr 21, 2009

I’ve been looking around for some parts that were missing on a Campagnolo Contax headset I have; the o-ring seal that nests on the crown race. After a short discussion on the NYC Boards, Jeremy, who runs Tears4Gears and cracked the Merckx serial number index posted the above image to clarify which part I needed.

I did a ton of exploded assemblage diagrams in Architecture school and something about them makes me wish I was still hand drafting again. Click the image for the full resolution.

  • Andrew


  • It’s nostalgia I know but knowing how to do things by hand still validates any digital process. We get portfolios / resumes in all the time at my office and the kids don’t know how to draw by hand. It’s scary.

    Not saying EVERYTHING needs to be done by hand – but still. Process sketches are beautiful and nothing is as impressive as a large drawing on arches with rotring pens.

    Look at all of Mies’ partii diagrams and drawings. Beautiful pieces of work. Same goes to say for the old old old Campy catalogs with hand-drawn exploded axons.

    Or not?… hah

  • Josephine

    Yes, yes.

    Computers are fab, but my uncle’s old notebooks full of hand drafting (from architecture school circa the late ’70s) are gorgeous and intensely compelling in a way that modern renderings don’t seem to be, for me at least.

    Uh, hey, this is as good a time as any to say: I’ve been reading you for a while and it continues to be a good time, even though I no longer live in Brooklyn.

  • Andrew

    I was just playin’, I geek over schematics and diagrams with the worst of them. You should see some of my statics and dynamics notebooks from engineering school. I’m just saying, if DaVinci were alive today he’d be using Solidworks. +1 for mies, I grew up a few miles from his Farnsworth house. I was helping with the cleanup a few days after it flooded.

  • Tim

    Yellowjersey are good for tech stuff like this from old manuals too, especially Campy and Superbe. A good way to find what bits you need.

  • Just posed about this myself at http://velopaint.blogspot.com/2009/04/beaudaniels-illustrations.html
    Great drawing by Beau and Alan Daniels and bike stuff too.

  • Hi Man
    I’ve a complete new campagnolo contax headset or aso some parts if you still need..