Corima x 10 Deep Apr 21, 2009

10 Deep seems to now be into cycling. Or at least the imagery associated with the fixed gear trend.

From the exclusive Arkitip preview they state:

“While other brands are concentrating on a fixed-gear specific theme, 10.Deep paints with a broader stroke, drawing more on the fashion of New York City bike messengers in the late 80s and early 90s.”

and furthermore stating that…

“As a result, none of the pieces in the collection feature coordinating colors or matching styles to preserve the messenger aesthetic.”

What messenger works on a full-carbon Corima 4 Spoke?

  • MightyChin

    as a 90’s bike messenger, I’d say NONE of these pieces succeeds in paying homage to the SOURCE. 10Deep dudes, go for a RIDE and y’all can get closer to the mark. In the immortal words of Re Up gang: GET FAMILIAR.

  • dontcoast

    not bad shirts, but shitty justification=FAIL
    the corima 4spoke stay firmly in tarckland, and a run over apehanger 10 speed has nothing to do with couriers. i hope they remove that descripton

  • yea, and it’s pretty dumb taking just some random bike image from the web and basing your design on that, like the crushed bike pic on the other shirt. boooooring.

  • okheydei

    ugh. capitalizing on a history that wasn’t even their’s to experience.

  • JAME B

    I agree with all thee above.

  • iansmash

    ugh, these suck do bad

    10 deep needs to understand that just because it’s popular doesn’t mean they can just buy into it…

    this is like what would happen if WalMart tried to produce a track bike

  • gabe

    *insert fart noise here*

  • erik

    yikes, icy territory!

  • vin-E

    I think this was inevitable if not already apparent. Mongoose and Haro bikes are now in target and walmarts. All of the companies last year that made “collaboration” bikes. Not to say that its a bad thing though. It’s capitalism at its best. A market begins to develop and everyone is going to jump on and grab their piece of the pie…

  • they even inverted the World Champ Stripes!

  • 120spaced

    if you’re going to “cash in” on the popularity of single speed, brakeless, fixed gear bicycling the worst thing you can do is make up some lie about how you aren’t doing that.

    just be honest, you’re playing catch up. it’s OK, lots of people are.

  • I don’t know. Perhaps we’re not the intended market here. Perhaps our hobby (or niche of a hobby) has reached critical mass (no pun), where making a shirt with some vaguely cycling related theme will make you money.

    I don’t need to buy it, but I don’t have to wear it either.