Chukker Update Apr 9, 2009


I have to admit, I’m impressed with Velocity. They contacted me while back about their B43 and we spoke a bit about a trick rim. Through our correspondence, they determined there was a market for a wider Deep V and a deeper Deep V.

A few days later, I got an email saying they wanted to send me a prototype Chukker. I Fedex’d them my hubs and 2 days later, I have a new wheelset all laced up. Not that there was anything wrong with the G6000s I was riding, but the curiosity set in. So now I’m riding these rims. They look beefy as fuck. Great profile, great shape and feel solid. Basically, they’re wider Deep Vs. I’m gonna ride them for a bit and keep everyone updated.

Sorry for the shitty pic! Will update later on.

Yes, that’s a 38c tire on the front.

  • In general…how are you feeling with the larger tires on there? I’m running 28’s and was thinking of throwing on some 35’s. 28’s just arent taking impact well enough.

  • This is a curious development. I don’t do tricks, really, but I’ve been very interested in, and inspired by, the evolution of track bike tricks. When I’m messing around on my bikes, I never really feel equipped for trickery, but the equipment is really moving in that direction now, where more is possible.


  • THERE’s the beef.
    You know if 32 hole will be an option? I don’t know if I could justify/afford buying another set of profile hubs…

  • The only drawback to a larger tire is frame clearance. If your frame doesn’t have the clearance for bigger tires, you’re stuck at a 28c.

    That being said, the MKE can fit 38c slicks. I pump them to 80-90psi and they ride fine. I still commute on them and granted they’re not as quick as 23c tires, they’re a lot of fun to ride.

    Bigger tires will extend the lives of your wheels and soften landings when gapping stairs, etc.

  • I have the clearance running a rigid MTB fork so thats not really what im worried about…more about commuting on them as there’s no way im swapping out wheels regularly. Im way too lazy. Seems like the slowdown is worth the extra cushion for gapping for sure…im tired of ruining rims. Did you happen to find any 35 tires that would stay on V’s?

    Thanks for the quickness!

  • 35c tires will pop off Deep Vs in my experience.

  • Hmmm…ill take your word for it. Suppose ill be wating for these and it 32s till then.

  • Terry B

    Stoked for you man!
    Let us know how they hold over the next couple sessions of abuse.


  • tdhk

    I wants!, WHEN? 48hole FTW!

  • jeff

    is the chucker gonna be available in 32hole?

    thanks and robster craw.

  • i’m sure they will be

  • Max Taylor-Mitchinson

    Hey kris (or whoever can answer!) are you saying that chukkers can take 28c tires? cos im about to upgrade my wheels and im not sure how well large tires will clear my frame so wanted to know if the chukkers will take something like 28c? cheers!