Bootleg Sessions 3 Cover Apr 10, 2009


Tony’s creation from last year’s Bicycle Film Festival made it to the cover of Bootleg Sessions 3. This was one of the most epic bike piles I’ve seen. There are bikes from all over the US in that pile. Seattle, Indianapolis, Philly, New Mexico, SF, NYC and Toronto.

From what Burd’s shown me, the BLS 3 footage looks pretty fucking remarkable.

Pic by Jose Martinez via Bootleg Sessions

  • Who from Toronto’s bike is in that pile? Is that The Mosher’s pink rim I see?

  • A very epic bike pile. Glad I was a part of it.

  • yeah, Mosher’s is in there!

  • vin-E Smalls

    thats a HUGE brdigestone….
    where did that come from??

  • seattle… it’s a 57. and the fork im almost positive was bent in this picture.

  • Alex

    Im glad that i was a part of this epic Pile Up
    that day was fun.BFF, Two boots and a big ass pile up

  • yeah, my bike is at the bottom of the pile, but the pink deep v you see isn’t mine, still trying to find my bike actually..

    and I remember cringing watching mr. sizemore 180-ing his bridgestone, I’d believe that the fork is bent!

    Can’t wait to make another epic bike pile this year!

  • dan pinto

    epic bike pile my ass go to Darby with that look away for 2 secs an bam there gone