Bootleg Sessions 1 Reup Apr 22, 2009


After many people asking him to reissue Bootleg Sessions 1, Burd took the initiative to do just that. You can now order your copy here!

The riding in this is still impressive, even though it’s almost 2 years old. Some classic lines from the heavy-hitters of the fixed gear trick scene. Remember this?

  • Jesse

    is there a legal and bootleg sessions-supporting way to pay and download the movie?

  • dan pinto

    now that car on the cover drove past me once an threw a big gulp at me there a bunch of delco ass holes

  • DELCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ben toofar

    haha prolly i never thought i’d hear you shout the 610 on your blog, props to tom and bean and all the neighborhoodians for keeping it realistic

  • Herman Swaisgood

    @mrhiccupe: Sorry I have to disagree, the movie was marvellous. I enjoyed it so much. In fact, it’s the best to date without a doubt! You watch it online again at: FreeMoviesCafe. c o m