Another Tanner Video Apr 27, 2009

AlohaFixed X TannerMonmaney from ALOHA FIXED on Vimeo.

More wicked lines from Aloha Fixed’s Tanner Monmaney. I have to admit, this is the sickest trick video I’ve seen in a long time. Kid’s got fucking bangin’ lines. Smooth all around. The only distracting thing is the fact that he’s not riding in his clips. Other than that, he’s got some straight gully style!

Keep Watch at Aloha Fixed for more!

Thanks for the heads up Mike!

Chainring Grind to 3 Tap

  • Bubba

    foot jam at 1:13 is rad

  • yeah, Tom was doing those last summer too…

  • stabilo

    whats wrong with riding out of the clips?

  • Julian M.

    Kid is definitely, definitely nasty.

  • erik erik erik

    dude has got some flow.

  • I got to ride with Tanner a bunch in Hawaii, dude is sooooo good. A few clips of him will be in Bootleg 3.

    Really inspiring!

  • what is this track? drums are killin!

    [and dude can definitely ride.]

  • dontcoast

    noticed the lack of clips, but he still blows most of the “competition” out of the water. almost more amazing to see the fine tuning of his lines without clips actually

    killin it, i’m waay impressed

  • song is The Folk Implosion off the ‘one part lullaby” album and the track is”serge” I stole it of an old Justin Strubing Foundation video part. Really works well for riding.

  • sounds like a intro to some james bond ish.
    where da bad guys and females at!?
    na jus playin Tanner rules!!