You Be the Judge Mar 18, 2009


Continuing with the t-shirt theme…

You remember the Bike Kill 666 patches? Well, Giant has a new shirt called “Goathedz” – which looks innocent and all. Goat head + Pentagram + Chainring = Bike Related. But what’s the B.C.? Bicycle Club? Like the Black Label Bike Club patches?

Underground art is always getting bit off by the more mainstream artists. What are the chances right? Maybe I’m just being too cynical…


For what it’s worth, this piece by Lamour Supreme, which has been floating around for a while now, seems to have influenced this design by Giant as well… Joel’s explanation sums up my feelings on the subject pretty clearly…

Yeah, I can’t say for sure but I love Giant’s work so it’s cool. This image is actually quite old and is documented in some old skool tracksite. It’s been in circulation and probably anyone that rides a track bike knows about it. I’m not really one to say I own art and people in the track circles that have used this image know I’m very generous with it. If my drawing inspires people to ride, make art, get a tattoo, then its done its job.
The funny thing is that I emailed him about a year ago with a link to these images and never heard back. Just look out for my new track art because I’m taking it up a notch.

Not trying to call Mike Giant out, so don’t get me wrong! Just thought the two examples were kinda closely related, that’s all. I think in both cases, the OG pieces are far superior.

  • you gotta get inspiration somewhere.

  • wilis

    Goat headz is a bike club. O1 goat heads are a seedling from a plant that you ride over and causes flats.

  • doubleoh2

    Y’all bitin’ off this bloke who was burnin’ rubber before all y’all:

  • Rabid Captor of Bestial Malevolence

    It sucks but that is well dubious.
    Also regarding the goathedz logo, it’s also very similar to the Hellride Crew logo and therefore bares obvious resemblance to the o.g Skate Goat.
    Didn’t the popular use of that logo all come from Venom anyways? Everything that ever happened since the dawn of mankind has always been because of Venom. Why should this little bite be any different? Biting is out of order. Paying homage to legends is quite alright.

  • Andrew P

    The shirt’s lame. But borrowed interest is the currency of creativity. This isn’t news. Let’s get over it and keep working on other things. Bigger, better things. Like Joel said: “taking it up a notch”.

  • Brenton
  • To be fair, if my memory serves me correctly that Goathedz logo has been circulating for several years now. How old is the 666 patch?

    The pic on the No Brakes ATL Page is great – that’s some Shepard Fairy / Associated Press shit right thurr.

  • alex

    I was tempted to start hating about this posting, because I am, for myself, a bit fed up with people always suspiciously pointing out artwork, claiming they’ve found a rip-off. I know you said, everyone should judge for himself.
    All I am thinking is, that nowadays, with such a rich art-history, and a world drenched with commercial advertising, it is quite likey, that an original idea is not so original. Often times, just because somebody made something, sometime, which happens to be quite similar. However, these similarities don’t make the bite.
    Often this supposed bite is done rightfully, backed by paying for rights of use, or simply asking for permission and usually remains hidden to the eyes of the beholder. Take a look over to the music-industry, with a definite number of possible melodies, which sound “good” to man, there’s an end to a musicians originality. They have been reproducing and re-feeding us the same old shit for decades and centuries, because it is they way it works. Films, in this regard storytelling, also has a finite number of options.

    That being said, sadly enough, I also have a downright negative opinion about blatantly copying a photography, or movie-frame, etc. Even if you have asked for permission, it is a crude way of making it all too easy. Creativity shouldn’t be all about adding effects or fancy colors. Don’t be lazy and learn your shit, instead of just tracing photographs.

    The posting on NoBraksATL about Giants work is such a bad example, and this one made me raise an eyebrow, too:

    Sorry for the long ass posting, but this stuff always gets me up on the fence.

  • Alex,

    Well said. That’s the purpose of these posts. Not to piss people off, but to get people talking and communicating. I love Giant’s work. He’s an amazing artist.

    Keep it up with the commentary. Thanks guys!

  • nb

    that goatheadz logo is a few years old. like 06/07 i think…

    great artist steal… naw, but there is a difference between just straight out taking an image and using it or taking that image and putting your own style to it.

  • mr. nada yen

    The Goat Head,Pentagram (inverted or not)as seen also on the new SAG bag are logos(hidden meaning) and represent an energy.


    Does not matter if you believe it or not,it’s there.This fact is ancient and to see these things used so often,again and again,someone knows the score.

    Well, i use to like Giants work but this stuff is really played out and there are way too many sources out there that explain what these things mean.Maybe when the smoke clears he’ll see it.

  • those shirts are rad, but plagiarism is not. fuck shepard fairey for making designers think it’s ok to steal other people’s work.