Reappropriation: Shoes Mar 8, 2009


So dudeman Kyle at DQM threatened my life if I took pics of the shoes he’s working on with Nike. I tried to snap a pic of them and he threw acid at my face. Nike took the popular Air Tiempo indoor soccer shoes and used them as a model for a fixed gear shoe. I’ve seen them in person and they’re looking very promising. Stiff sole, padded toebox, durable upper…

Now it seems that Kyle at Tracko snapped a few pics of the project. Each shoe is designed by a rider from a City; Tokyo, SF, NYC, Paris, Berlin, Austin and London.

These are slated to be released around the Summer.


More pics from Hypebeast



  • tyson

    too bad they arent synthetic.

  • Nibot

    Fixed gear golf shoes.

    Rearry coor.

  • ben

    used to skate the tempo’s, good all around shoe for sure.. colourways look good too!

  • Im into these… Im looking to start riding Gazelles or sambas as Vans are beginning to bash the hell out of my feet!

  • EVAN T.

    FUUUCCCCK. i want the grey ones. I’m glad they are leather. you can’t redo a soccer shoe and not make it leather.

  • Nate-or-die

    Samba FTW

  • ky!e

    Well thanks for holding off on posting this til now prolly.

    You will all be pleased, these are the best shoes I have ever riddin in.

  • see! I can keep my mouth shut sometimes.

  • These look too bulky. Like my heel would slap the chainstay.

  • Bulky? Nah. I’ve been riding in Nike SB mids for a bit now and they’re bigger than these shoes. Never hit the chain stays. Bulky maybe if you’ve been riding in slip-on Vans…

  • I ride in Vans Authentic Lo-Pro’s. They have that super slim sole on them and now even when I throw on a pair of regular Era’s I feel like I’m riding in some Air Force 1’s.

    I’ma start riding in Teva’s next.

  • Damn, these are nice. Thanks for the post. I haven’t seen a pair of Nike shoes I’ve been super into for a long time, and these are the ones!

  • Its good to see more ‘riding specific’ shoes but the design seems slightly lazy. Although they have made a couple of adjustments; it would be good to have the laces further up the shoe, a stiffer toebox and a really tough-dr martins esque outsole which will not rub off on clips.

  • Full grain leather will not mess up in toeclips. I have some leather shoes I rode in all last winter. The only thing that got messed up were the soles / gluing of the outsole. They’re Vans, what do you expect?

    Say what you will about Nike, but at least their shoes hold up. My SBs have taken a beating over the last 2 months and look better than any pair of Vans i’ve owned after 3 weeks of riding.

    Seriously. I have halfcabs that I rode in for 3 weeks that fell to shit. Syndicates too!

  • My dream shoe is a Vans Authentic Lo-Pro, but with a ballistic nylon reinforced full grain leather toebox and a removable carbon fiber insole. Ballistic laces too, with steel lace tips.

    Is this too much to ask? Simple really. Vans, make this. Thanks.