Outlier Waxed Cycling Hats Mar 26, 2009


Outlier dropped their waxed cotton cycling hat today. To call it a cycling hat is to call a nice premium suit a shirt. These are hats, not to be confused with the ordinary cycling caps that are really popular now.

I wore one on the Empire Wool photo-shoot and was impressed that the cap fit so well for being a cut and sew product. I have a large head and it’s hard to find nice hats. It also fit under a helmet, which is a huge plus in my opinion.

Here are some words from Outlier:

To follow up the last release, today Outlier is announcing their Waxed Cotton Cap. Made in collaboration with master milliner Victor Osborne, they designed the cap to fit solid, look great and age to perfection. Waxed cotton (like good whiskey) builds character and develops with time. The colors darken and the fabric’s appearance enhances.

Not just another flimsy cycling cap, this is a premium garment that’s wind proof, water resistant and ready for those crisp morning rides season after season.


Lookit Wilis looking all dapper!

  • Awesome! Great looking hat! To bad it cost $60. Along with everything else that is hitting the market geared toward bicyclist and fixed gears specifically. When will someone release something that most people can afford. No offense to you Prolly (because I love your blog) but your getting most of this stuff sent to you for free(so I believe).

    Seriously, who can afford Mishka’s $45 hats or an $89 plaid shirt. Boy if I had the cash I would be selling you all quality products at a cheap price. It’s bad enough I’m going through bike parts like no tomorrow trying to mimic my favorite riders.

    In respect, I do love most everything that hits the market. This hat does look awesome and probably fits as well as Prolly says. I also LOVE Mishka’s line, and really like where they are going with it. I apologize if I made anyone mad, but come on already. I would be interested to see what the cost is to make one of these. Sure there is man hours involved, but still. The fixed gear fashion world has turned into ABERCROMBIE. Guess I steer clear of the hip and keep buying my clothes at Ross or Michael’s where they are a third of the price.

    Sorry had to vent.

  • Good comments, but quality usually costs more re: the Outlier jams. You’d be hard hard hard pressed to find a similar hat for less than $60 I can assure you! Even Chuey brand hats, with a single layer are $40! These are also hand made in Brooklyn and are of impeccable quality. People piss and moan about “sweatshops” then piss and moan more about “high cost”… Ya know? Double edged sword. If you had money, enough money to front the cost of production, you’d find this all out.

    Mishka’s pricing is on-par with most “cut and sew” stuff. New Eras too. Their hats are market. The quality and fit of these products separate them from the “mass produced” stuff you’ll find at Kohls or Marshalls. Also, look at the original price on those Marshall’s garments… “Originally $150” for a dress shirt, marked down to $50… etc.

    What you’re not aware of is cost. Typically product costs 1/3 of the retail to make… the wholesalers sell to the retail clients at a 30% upcharge, resulting in a retail of 30% over wholesale. This is standard. Marshals can sell cheaper because it’s all overstock.

    Just to clarify.

    Also, I support these brands because they’re my family and friends and I believe in the products. I won’t ever plug something I don’t believe in!

  • Dan

    Snot,Is somebody holding a gun to your head forcing you to order one?

  • Ha ha! Touche! I was just venting because I can’t afford it. I do agree with you. You get what you pay for. I will say that I am aware of cost to retail pricing as I work in plumbing hardware retail. However, I am also aware that you take a price that people are willing to hand over. I was simply just stirring up focus on what I thought was high priced in hopes that it may drive it down. lol Or basically just for shits and giggles.

    Also, I didn’t mean to be on the offensive about what you choose to support, Prolly. I guess I meant to say: Do you ever get something from a company that you would not support?

    I do understand that they are your family and friends and hope I didn’t step on any toes.

    Thanks for making it interesting. Lovin’ everything you do. To be honest. I’ll probably look in to buying one of those hats now. I guess you could say that you talked me into it. lol

  • wilis

    Fixed gear fashion? Its a bike that people from all walks of life and culture ride and enjoy. Im pretty sure that people dressed simular before they were fixed geared fashioners. Personal style.

  • This I agree with. You can’t hide the fact that there is a huge stereo type associated with fixed gear bicycles though. I’m not saying its good or bad. Just that it is there. Fixed gear bicycles bring together people that like the same type of things. Face it, a lot of people that ride a fixed gear love fashion. Just look at the bikes out there. Matching anodized parts, deep Vs that pull it all together. A major part of this blog(most fixed gear blogs) are full of fashion. There is a categories link on this page for fashion. Sure fixed gears and fashion are seperate things, they both leak over into each others world all the time. I know you’ve seen the shitty ads where they try to but a track bike in there to sell sell sell!

  • Arthur

    Ummmm, $60 or $6, this is still a terrible product. Waxed cotton does not breathe, riding in this would be like riding with a shower cap on. I’m sure it’s well made, it’s just a pity that the people who designed it don’t know the first thing about the materials they are using. Victor Osborne is no “Master Milliner,” he’s a 24 year old club kid hanging out in Williamsburg waiting for the ink to dry on his FIT degree in women’s fashion. Posers selling to posers, same as ever.

  • @ SNoT: “stirring up focus” – that’s a great way to put it.

  • shan

    What about Walz caps? They are cheap, fit well, and come in multiple colors/fabrics.