Oh Snap Again! Mar 27, 2009

pic by Andy T.

Once again, the olde square taper method does not seem to like me all that much. Guess it’s on with the Profile cranks!

pic by Andy T.

  • vin-E

    you didn’t crash again did ya? Hope you’re ok. Parts can be replaced…

  • wow, you are no doubts putting the Bruiser to the test

  • jeremy

    damn. lose some pounds!
    its high time profile made some decent cranks with us in mind.

    make it so.

  • Andrew

    I’ve had nothing but great luck with the White Industries BB. Check it out.

  • allen

    it seems that your riding has proved that the spindle us the weakest point in your driverrain. Why not approach one of your sponsors to create an titanium spindled bb that withstands abuse. I see natural evolution moving towards bmx but I have read your numerous praises for your sg75s and think you should still use them. If you switch do bmx you will prolly have to go with the 130bcd profile spider or wait for the volume one to come out to run track chainrings and the stout which I’m sure you are debating as you are moving towards the bmx and titanium spindles bmx bb. Keep us updated on your drivetrain

  • Dape

    Is that a Miche again, or Campy?

  • Andrew

    That’s the Campy one.

    As for materials, I think a company would be better off with a higher carbon steel, maybe quenched and tempered. Steel has a much better modulus of elasticity (30ksi vs 17ksi). Even with titanium’s lower density steel still has a better specific modulus (1.06E8 vs 1.03E8). If I were a company who was marketing a bottom bracket to you I’d probably rub some 4140 oil quenched and tempered at 700 degrees(ultimate tensile strength: 231ksi) vs. titanium’s 170 ksi. It’d be ~30% heavier, and given the stronger material they might be able to whittle down some of that weight, but a lot cheaper and a lot stronger.

  • FLX

    looks like campy….use longer bolds, if the are longer the support the weak area

  • GRBC

    Square tapers fail. Get that isis spindle.

  • Terry B

    48 spline son!

  • scissorneck

    blah blah blah blah who cares whats ten bucks cats getting bb’s at cost or free ride what ev….. i do like to read what ppl say everyone has there say in it ooooooo campy oooooooh nnoooooo miche snap oh no fu*#ing ride your bikes guys

    sorry drinkin