Fresh and Clean Mar 1, 2009


While I recover from MTX, here’s some porn from FGL.

I’m bruised, sore, tired, cramping up and just plain beat. Reports and pics to come…

  • scissorneck

    Thats MY COLORWAY!!!!

  • Nothing fresh about a ghost bike. But, great coverage of MonsterTrack this weekend, looks like it was a blast.

  • sam

    that is in no way bike porn

  • dontcoast

    i hope nobody rides that, it seems like baaaaad juju.

    if this “george” isn’t already a ghost rider, better be careful not to become one.

    gives me the creeps

  • Steven Hidalgo

    I have to say that’s one of the cleanest fixie bike I have seen. I got one question to ask how can I make a bike frame glow in the dark like what kind of paint do I need to use to make it glow permitted or do I have to take the bike frame some where that some people that can do for me?