Fab Friday Mar 12, 2009


Not that it should come as any surprise to anyone, but it looks like there’s a good group of people in Austin attending their weekly event Fab Friday…

Shorts, tees, jealousy.


Nice nose mannie!

  • jeff

    Go Arak

  • vinE

    Man looks at the weather there…
    maybe its time for a move
    just for reference -1 here right now…

  • ARAK!!!!! this is the illest kid out of austin. Only one doing something. all the rest just do one trick and say, hey did anyone see that? Still needs to work on the speed of things but hes coming up. 700c in the front and youll be killing it kid.

  • stabilo

    looks like im gonna have to put on my best skinny jean cut offs and drive down to austin for some sessions

  • Sterling

    I think Ben W. is mistaken we have several kids that are killing it with style in Austin and yes the weather is amazing out here plus we got hills too!!