“Downtown Kids” Mar 8, 2009


Why oh why? I’m not even going to bash this like I should but I will say one thing; usually the NYTimes fashion editorials are on point. WTF is going on here? Check out home boy’s caribbeaner necklace.

  • Andrew P

    Those kids make me feel punchy.

  • riot_hero

    damn, it sure does cost a lot of money to look that ridiculous.

  • I’m so sick of gearheads hating on fashion like they invented bikes…

  • Gearheads? hah. Who’s a gearhead?

    The reason this article strikes me as ridiculous is:

    I live in NYC and I’m pretty up to date with what’s happening in the fashion world due to my girlfriend’s obsessions. I’ve never ever ever seen anyone dressed like this, much less at the BK Banks and even more so, on a BMX / Stingray. Maybe the girls, but not the guys.

    The style section is usually on-point. This just looks like they gave the intern a chance at art direction.

  • kale

    What? Does Snob work for the style section? because this has to be a joke.

  • Robert

    $525 for a poncho… come on now!