Bring it Back! Mar 11, 2009

Image via Copakeauction

Seriously. 6 Day Racing at MSG! That would be amazing.

  • hey john, do you know if this is for sale? i tried the auction site but didn’t see anything and the folder structure makes me think that this is from 2003… in any case, the patriot in me would love an old peden program like that very one…

  • yeah, it’s old. I doubt it’s still available.

  • wow, the design is beautiful

  • Figured as much – bummer. A fella ’round here that does archival work recently found a bunch of old 6 day race programs signed by torchy and others… but couldn’t snag ’em without anyone noticing – bummer.

  • vin-E

    Yo both his feet are clipped in right?
    why are they both at the 12 o clock position??
    I was thinking about taking my bike for a ride like that the other day while I was putting it back together after cleaning out the BB…..
    thoughts?? discuss amongst yourselves…

  • it’s an optical illusion.

    people do ride unicycles like that, though… kangaroo unicycles. i can’t think of anything clever to say about that, but do i really need to?

  • MaximumMatt

    Reall high bottom bracket

    It still looks like one foot is behind the other if you look at the legs ones clearly angled back.

  • Amanda

    I am reading the book Major about Major Taylor and they talk about the Six Day Race. It’s not six days of racing like we know it today. It’s one race of constant riding for 6 days. 8 hours on the bike 1 hour rest. 12 hours on the bike 15 minutes rest. Crazy shit. I was reading that on the sixth day many racers hallucinate. I want to see that race.

  • kyle

    Everyone should check out the documentary “Six-Day Bicycle Race: America’s Jazz Age Sport” some really cool info in there. Six Day races were as big of a deal back then as the super bowl is today. Two man teams, one would sleep while the other rode. Those dudes would drink the craziest concoctions of liquor and speed to just to stay awake.