What a Day! Feb 18, 2009


I was riding back from my lunch break today through Chinatown when an old lady stepped right out in front of me. It was one of those moments where you’re going to hit the person and unfortunately, I did. I hit her and my wheel went sideways, flipping me over my bars and onto my shoulder. The woman fell down and hit her head. I made sure she was ok, called the police and made sure she was in good hands.


Riding in a really dense city with tons of people popping out of cars everywhere is nerve-wracking at times. In all the years I’ve been riding, I’ve never hit a single person or car. I’ve had cars hit me, but in this case. I had the green light, was taking the inside lane and the woman just ran in front of me. Nothing I could do. We’ve all been there before. The cops even had the audacity to say that I saved her life. If I was a car, she would have died. There was a car directly behind me that luckily stopped a few feet behind me!


After I banged the wheel, I rode it to Affinity and picked up my Milwaukee; I just got my rear wheel re-laced by Miguel. Heading home, I bunny-hopped a pothole and SNAP. My bottom-bracket spindle snapped. I’ve had Miche products break before, but I’ve never sheared off a bottom bracket spindle. I rode a Campy BB for a year with the Stout, doing grinds and just riding hard in general. Never had a problem. Back to the Campy I guess!



  • wilis

    Holy shit at least bolth of you are ok considering. Glad to see your frame and fork are ok man. I had a simular experence and ruined a really nice 81 chrome bianchi fork and frame in seattle bombing a wet hill. When it rains it pours keep ypur head up homie! Roll those lucky 7 dice!

  • wilis

    Holy shit at least bolth of you are ok considering. Glad to see your frame and fork are ok man. I had a simular experence and ruined a really nice 81 chrome bianchi fork and frame in seattle bombing a wet hill. When it rains it pours keep ypur head up homie! Roll those lucky 7 dice!

  • thanks buddy. I’m in pain!

  • fuck man! glad you’re alright.

  • damn dude, your lucky you didn’t get a gnarly leg piercing from that bb!

    heal up soon.

  • thats what you get for trying to bunnyhop over a lady standing in the middle of the street.

  • Glad you and that sexy Merckx survived another day.
    Careful out there man.


  • Dom

    wow glad you and her (and the bike) ended up fine

  • nick

    maybe it’s time for a BMX 3 piece?

  • Eventually, probably. I really like riding 75’s though. My Campy Veloce-equivalent BB lasted over a year doing drops, grinds, etc. I think Miche BB’s are just shitty.

  • rich

    man i think we need to start looking out for the week after friday 13th now! sorry to hear about the double misfortune.

  • Lionel Hutz

    Sue her ! It is America after all.

  • Ed

    Damn! Glad you’re OK. Glad she is too. Last ped I hit was many years ago, I let go of the bars and grabbed her by the arms to make sure she didn’t go down. She was totally unscathed, but asked for my social security number, just in case she was hurt. I gave her yours.

    Also glad to know you’ve chosen to run down old ladies on the Merckx and bunny hop potholes on the Milwaukee. Priorities in line!


  • scott h.

    oh god, what a terrible day. i hope bob is okay and the wheel is fixable. the rim looks bent, but one can hope for the best. running into an old lady had to feel so bad.

    see you at NAHBS, NC represent!

  • Alex(LI)

    Damn dude, glad your okay,and good to hear the womans fine too,. I just recently got into a little accident myself..hit a storm grate, and my front wheel popped off sent me flying, cracked my wheel and sprained my knee.

  • Lamour

    Glad you didn’t seperate your AC shoulder or pop that collarbone like I did to myself in a similar situation when I first got the Colnago. Unfortunately, times like these are the defining moments of our riding history. Heal up big guy.

  • tdhk


    like others have already extended, sorry for the misfortunes…..

    On another note what bb were you riding before this exactly? I notice you mentioned “veloce equivalent”? I’m asking because I’m riding Pauls/rear (44 chainline like the profiles and sg75 44/17 1/8) with a Campy Veloce 111mm and am having a hell of a time trying to get the drivetrain quiet (sounds/feels like there is binding). How did yours run, quiet, perfect etc…?
    I tried spacers on the bb to no sucess.


  • i still to this day cannot straighten my arm properly because someone stepped out in front of me, mother fuckers

  • Nice to know that you’re OK, parts con be replaced, bones not.

    Square tapers are not for tricks, maybe the Truvativ Omnium is a better choice for trick riding on a track bike

  • thanks guys.

    My Campy Square taper held up great for a year of similar riding. For now, I’m going to ride that. Profile is working on their design…

    Omniums are great cranks, but outboard BBs will get chewed up in stalls and grinds.

  • pete

    sugino 75 and campy BB works well?

  • andrew

    Yikes, good thing you’re ok. What do you think of the white industries BB?

  • Pete,

    Sugino 75s are ISO, not JIS taper. Campy Veloce BBs are sealed / cartridge and about $30.

  • tdhk

    campy and sg75 are ISO


    but which size were you using?
    my 111 w/ my drivetrain does not run smooth, yours?

  • that depends on your bike. My BMW took a 111. The MKE proto takes a 115, but that’s getting fixed.

  • tdhk

    ?, oh….
    I’m riding a cutter. Maybe I should try a 115 to see how it works. No one else seems to be riding my same set up. thanks for your time.
    As far as the the MKE. I plan on getting one when it comes out. Thanks for making this (the MKE frame)thing happen.


  • Of course, I’m happy to hear you are ok. In my experiences- Miche doesn’t hold up in the street too well, especially for us big boys. But also from what I’ve seen on the bmx 3pc cranks, they seem to hollow out and feel janky. The reverse pressure doesn’t do good things to them. Hopefully Profile can take care of that…

  • jamesmallon

    Good you are both fine. I’m going to shit on for this, and I don’t know how much time you had to stop, but rim-brakes stop faster than skidding. Just saying.

  • James, it’s easy to say that, but you weren’t there. It’s like saying if a car throws its door in your path you should be able to stop with brakes. If that were the case, people wouldn’t be dying from getting doored. I’ve been on the hoods of my road bike and have had people step in front of me like that before. There’s nothing you can do, even with brakes.

    Bottom line is, if anyone moves in front of you at the last second and it blind sides you, you’re going to hit them.

  • Did you smash the drive side pedal when you went down?