Vittoria 1976 Feb 25, 2009


More reissues. Vittoria reissued their 1976 classic track shoes. What’s better than old school cycling shoes? Old school cycling shoes with a recessed SPD fitting!

Via Pedal Consumption Via Brick Lane Bikes

  • Tim

    Beautiful… I’ll swap my SIDIs out for those anyday !

  • igor

    i don’t know if i’m a fan of the holes, but damn i want some.

  • I like the holes, myself. Can’t wait to see who is actually going to carry these (can’t find hardly any info online)

  • j

    you can pick them up from Brick Lane Bikes in London

  • wilis

    I like the whole throwback idea but these really remind me of crocs.

  • Buyaka

    Now available at Superb Bicycle in MA.