The Come Up Feb 20, 2009


Congrats Mosher, you made it onto The Come Up. Let the haters hate, that’s still a big grind.

  • Mike Stearns

    I can’t believe the negativity over at The Come Up. That IS a BIG grind for anyone on any trick machine; skateboard, bmx, fixed gear, etc. Good job Tom.

  • Ribs

    Did you guys read the comments there? WTF?

  • Ribs

    Did you guys read the comments there? WTF?

  • Nate-or-die

    Yeah seriously. That was the most narrow minded drivel I’ve ever had the misfortune of reading.. I can’t even fathom how people can be filled with so much blind hatred. This is not the SS.

  • Ryan C.

    Negativity the only real thing bring BMX to its end.

    TCU is like the Jerry Springer of BMX, but that would be insulting to Jerry Springer.

  • TOM

    Let’s get real, It’s the Come Up. It’s one of the most viewed and known bmx blogs out there. Of course BMX kids are going to bash this, they hate half of the shit posted on that site, not just goofy Canadian fixed gear footbaggers.

  • dre

    man, that was a crazy read. that one guy mentioned about messengers and how come there’s no pictures of anybody in the 80’s riding a fixed gear…i had to post this picture. dondi white.
    i get angry reading stuff like that so i try to avoid that kind of negativity towards anything, but i guess, it’s all the same anywhere you go.

    in the end it is all about fun.

  • Tyler

    Most of that garbage is written by teenie grommets who can’t grind like that on their bmx anyway, so let it roll. As for all that tough talk, I’ll say the same on this blog as I did over there….

    I’ve been around since the beginning of bmx and I f-ing love it. I don’t have time to use my bike like a pogo stick anymore. I’m old. I work. I ride a fixed track frame to get to my office because it’s the best build for riding through rush hour traffic.

    I’ve been on every trick machine there is, and I’ve wrecked big on every trick machine there is. Getting hit by a car f-ing hurts.

  • Jesse

    Let them hate. Just don’t join in hating back or we’ll catch the hate bug. It’s very contagious.

  • Nate-or-die

    It was more the rampant homophobia and their use of anti-gay slurs that was so appalling to me. Hate on FGFS all you want, just means it’s legit. I remember that before there was Tony Hawk’s Pro-Skater I was a “skater fag”. Same book.