Monster Track X Goldsprints Feb 28, 2009

Monster Track X Goldspints from John Prolly on Vimeo.

Andrew “Cupcake” LaCorte – Affinity’s newest team mate and winner of the 2008 Master Track Nationals
14:92 250m sprint

and Alex Farioletti, Mission G Boot Camp attendant / World Champ messenger
15:82 250m sprint

Both guys ride for Affinity and will be dominating this year at Kissena!

Check out the video, as they kill it.

  • DBR

    coolo, hope the race goes well today! We had our first race on Thursday for the Salt City Sprints (the flier you liked awhile back) and the second race’s tonight. Does anyone remember what gear ratio the sprint bikes had in NYC? That makes a difference in the time, right? Our best was 15.125 on a 250m course with a 52×15 gear ratio I think… would we have gotten creamed?

  • scissorneck

    ya my buddy tonys average speed is 55mph kills it. races some guy tonys pants get caught in chain and still doesnt drop his speed past 40mph on the 500m