Scissor Build Jan 15, 2009


Greg Canada just upped a pic of one of the Charge Scissors built up. Looks pretty baller!

  • shit looks dope!

    i just really hope they do something other than orange as well. thankfully it’s not burnt orange, however.

  • what kind a rim is that, without joking im asking if that is a new type of 700c bmx rim. looks like a step towards what are bikes are gonna look like

  • s

    is it just me or does the bb look really low?

  • rilez

    The bb probably looks low because of the raised front end. The long fork makes the front of the bike higher which would subsequently make the back end look lower in comparison.
    Right? Maybe I’m way off but that makes sense to me.

  • This is the Medium frame. Tom told me that Taiwan sent the wrong sized frame. Since it’s a prototype, they’re working out some of the details still on the Mediums. Tom and Ted ride Smalls, which are dialed it better geometry-wise.

    I always look at the top chain. Most track bikes have level chains at the top of the ring, showing a standard BB drop. The less “level” the top of the chain is, the more significant of a BB drop.

    I think this frame does indeed have a high BB drop / low BB shell relative to the ground.

  • Ian

    Yo, what kind of toe straps are those? where could i get some?

  • spencer

    Any rumors on when this frame/fork combo are going to be available ?

  • csoki

    AWESOME! So, what kind of the stem? Its so nice!