Ride of the Titans Jan 18, 2009


DELCO RISING! Lookit those 700cmx bikes! Larger Here

  • Cadence


  • 700cmx, nice.

    His Hero Is Gone? That dude always wears the good stuff.

  • Aren

    is Super Ted’s a scissor?

  • Damn. S&M Grand Slams are only like 29″ which look small by comparison. Barspin to spleen eruption?

    ..ps, you can thank proj-b for coining the term 700cmx =]

  • One of my fav “crusty” HC bands!
    Much respect!

  • Ryan C

    If anyone gets the right for coining the term “700bmx/cmx” it should be Ben from Odyssey! His whip rules!

  • fuck yea, tom told me before he left, ” FUCK it , im not cutting the pro tapers down, DELCO” hahaha i love tom

  • sure he did steve! sure he did!

  • scissorneck

    teds fresh from the salon new haircut and shave……………….random

  • i swear to god prolly hahahah

  • Oops I was wrong. Pro tapers are 27″ all along.