Osaka Tony’s Fixion Segment Jan 6, 2009

A little long, but there are some gems in there. Dude makes it look effortless. Diggin the quick lines more than anything!

Sniped via Zlog via Fixed Gear Blog

  • [email protected]$$!

    And no toe clips?!

  • toe clips…
    what is the consensus on that?
    Is that like pushing mongo?
    is there a real downside after you are used to using them?
    personally I think it’s a bad look.
    i think there needs to be a pedal setup roundup…

  • I personally think you should ALWAYS use foot retention on a bike that you ride on the street and around other people / cars / ect.

    For tricks, I don’t personally like seeing people doing tricks out of the clips. It’s mostly just a style thing. What’s the worse that can happen? Seriously?

    As for Osaka Tony, he’s never used toe clips and it doesn’t look like he’s putting anyone at risk by riding without foot retention. I also think he’s pretty smooth and unless you’re looking for it, you can’t tell that he’s not using foot retention.

    Good call Tyler, I think a pedal setup check is in order. So far:

    -Track Pedals with Steel / Alloy / Plastic clips with doubles or singles
    -BMX platforms with Steel / Alloy / Plastic clips with doubles or singles
    -BMX platforms with Power Grips

  • manuel

    condom at 211

  • Unfortunately for us over here in Osaka, Tony is still missing. I have not heard of anyone spotting him for about 1.5 years now. This footage is very old.
    He never rode clips, always braking with his foot on the rear tyre…. I miss those days…. 28c tyres, regular forks (Tony is on a Fuji Track on that vid), threaded stem…. :)