Hey Yous Guys Jan 15, 2009


One of my all-time favorite South Park episodes is when the boys head to a worldwide recorder concert and meet some NY’rs. The NY’rs are relentless, calling the boys queifs and rednecks. Anyway, it’s random, but still a good watch. Catch it here if you missed the original airing back in ’99.

I think this is what everyone thinks NY’rs are like. Which in some cases is probably true for the people who are born and raised here and not transplants. In general, I think NY’rs catch a bad rep.

  • Lucca ZERAY

    OH YAH born and raised
    i am a outsider hater-on-er

  • allender

    love this shit. I grew up littleton where south park is based off so i guess that makes me a redneck