Emerald City Bike Bloc Jan 2, 2009


Ryan over at Emerald City Bike Bloc mailed me one of their cozies and since Sparks has been discontinued, I figured I’d make the best out of the situation.

If you want one, head over to Emerald City Bike Bloc or Paypal [email protected] $5.

  • Damn I didn’t even get one of those yet! haha.

  • Eli

    What, really?! No more Sparks.
    Of course you could never get them out here in Japan, but I’ll be very disappointed to move back to an America with no Sparks. How else am I going to instantly motivate myself to party when I wasn’t already in the mood?

  • Lucca ZERAY

    damn no more sparks i love that stuff it is grt to bike with ause you get hyped but kinda chilled at the same time

  • sparks black is where it’s @

    fuck it. good memories (or not) while we had ’em.

  • Yes, it’s a sad sad day. Gott re-up on it before it’s gone!

  • sparks brings back memories of my first night living in brooklyn….we got busted for an open intoxicant while walking McCarren park. *tear* i miss nyc……….and sparks…..

  • Bubba

    Its all about the FOUR Loco 11% it will F*ck you up. But the Cozies are bad ass