Belgian Beauty Jan 20, 2009


Once and a while a deal comes that’s too good to pass up. Some things have to move around a bit and in the end, I got a new project.


It’s hard for me to find mass-produced steel frames in my size. I have really long legs when compared to my shorter torso. This Merckx was too good of bargain to ignore and should be a pretty nice build! More pics here.


  • Tasty!

  • DBR

    Damn you and your RB-1 being on the east coast! I’d buy that guy in a second! My size and everything.

    You’re a Merckx animal!

  • i second that!

    i got pumped for a second thinking i could move some bikes around myself and score that rb-1.

  • If anyone REALLY wants it. We can arrange something. My hesitation lies in that it does have chips in the paint and I don’t want someone to be unpleasantly surprised by that in person.