OPEN Dec 5, 2008


OPEN will be opening in Boston relatively soon. More information to follow, but Zach and his friends are throwing a proper event this weekend in Boston to kick off the Winter.


If you’re in Boston and you’re hankering for some Boldsprints (Boston’s Goldsprints), check out their 10-race series. They’ll be releasing a flier Sunday with all the appropriate information.

  • wilis

    who wants to go?

  • Good Looks John!

  • willis- we ran into you outside king cog last time we were down in nyc- zach and i have been busting our asses to make this event awesome- you should bring some ny crew to represent! give a shout if you all need places to stay…

  • FYI Willis – we got mad space for people to crash and a crazy night planned after the event finishes…

  • If this weekend wasn’t already all booked up for me, I’d totally come up.

  • I’ll make sure for the next one there’s advanced warning…this is just a little serving leading up to the main course…