Jose Martinez Dec 19, 2008

Nose Bonk

Chris Roll-out

Kai winnin’ that money!


Group Shot (or what was left of the group at 11:30)

As promised, here are Jose’s pics! It was also the night of the Midnight keirin club; Chris Kim’s monthly sprint series. Last night Killa Kai took people’s money. Way to go kid!

  • Really slick pictures!

    Jose seems to generate the coolest bike pics out there.

    One little note though, it’s unlikely that chris is doing (or at least doing successfully) a slider based on the angle of the bike and which hand is on the bar. Yes, I am this much of a nerd. (it looks more like right before an inside foot keo spin lifts up)

  • Tyler

    Cool photos!

  • kwan

    jose’s got some great shots!

    my first peel sessions was such a positive experience. looking forward to more.

  • Terry B

    Shane I see you hiding in the corner.