Fyxomatosis and Milwaukee Dec 8, 2008


I got two packages in the mail recently. The first was from Milwaukee. Last week I finally wore through the 144 BCD Stout I’ve been riding for months and it was time for a new one.

The Second package is a beefy-ass chain ring from down under. Andy at Fyxomatosis shot me over one of his chain rings in a 144bcd, 44t. I think there was some Aussie beer spilled on the envelope.

The machining on both of these components is so sexy!



Thanks guys! More pics here.

  • nickinwi

    hows the quality on those chainrings? ive been looking at one and was wondering if it was worth the bother (shipping and all)

  • Benny

    Was wondering if the stouts slide better after worn down a bit or if best brand new?

  • It grinds on pretty much anything. Not sure how well it grinds on steel, since it’s aluminum and aluminum is essentially softer than steel.

    The grinding is consistent. There is no “breaking it in” since it’s all the same material.