Doppelgänger Bassline Dec 3, 2008


Not only is Baobinga producing some heavy Bassline tracks over in the UK, he’s also just dropped a new single on the NYC-based label Trouble and Bass. That’s not all. I think he’s my doppelgänger.

Look at him! He looks like my long-lost brother or even a twin. I just saw that he rides a Bianchi roadie as well.

You can listen to the whole EP here on Trouble and Bass’ website.

  • ben

    That is pretty uncanny.

  • Burd

    Holy shit man, I really thought that was you before I read the text…! Freaky!

  • Kyoichi

    you gotta be kidding me! that’s so crazzzzzzy

  • I saw the photo first and thought it was you.

  • what!?
    so weird… way close!

  • yeah? right… pretty nuts.

  • Hmm maybe you I could book you as Baobinga to DJ here in Singapore, if he’s not available…

    You guys just look way alike…

    Just grab a bunch of tunes from the Trouble&Bass boys, put on an english accent and no-one will know!