Writing on the Wall Nov 24, 2008

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Beautifully done. Nike 6.0’s video Writing on the Wall makes me want to ride my bike RIGHT NOW. Fakie Wheelie… um damn!

  • So rad!

    Totally unrelated; there’s a spot there at the end (big, interlocking brick banked wall) which is at the outer limits of Barcelona called The Forum. Some locals took my friends and I there to ride when we asked if there were any Velodromes in Barca that we could get into (there weren’t) because it’s the closest thing they could think of. Sweet dudes, gnarly riders.

  • Marcus Davis

    IT’s a fakie manual. The freewheel requires the rider to pedal backwards. They’ve been done for years. FYI

  • Thanks. To my understanding a Manual is when you don’t pedal and a wheelie is when you do pedal.

    I guess the fakie manual has just stuck out to me more so recently because I’m working on them with my fixed gear.

  • Ed

    Yeah, the fakie manual is sick. Got a feeling we’ll see those on fixed soon.

  • ben

    Matt, that spot’s out at the forum stop on the metro..
    so amazing, it’s literally the hardest thing to skate… remind me to show you footage some day.

  • I’ve never been a big fan of BMX but one thing i will say: It takes balls the size of elephants to ride brakeless, with a free wheel, and bee-line it down a handrail.

    That being said, being one who skateboards…er used to skate…can you guys please keep your goddamn pegs off the concrete ledges?

    There’s nothing more bummy that going to your favorite spot only to find the ledge completely annihilated by overzealous bmx’rs.

  • I never BMX’d which in some ways has helped me in developing my style doing tricks on my fixed gear, but in other ways hindered me. Learning 180’s and 360 taps took a bit.

    Nick, I know man. Shit used to bum me out too. I will say though that we ride at this spot under the BQE in Brooklyn and the skaters dont mind me grinding the ledge there because my Chainring guard is softer than their trucks. It doesn’t fuck up anything and they can still skate shit.

    BMW pegs tear through shit.

    Anyway, I’m waiting on someone nailing fakie wheelies on a fixed gear…