SF to NYC Nov 11, 2008


Condition SF has his pics up from his NYC visit. He was here for about a week and from the looks of it, covered most of the Big Apple. Check out these four pictures especially. Not sure if it was intentional, but I think it was. Pretty good comparison.


  • Dude, just get a fixed already? why are you wasting time on a kid’s bike when you can do all that mashing up on a fixed gear bike designed to fit an adult?

  • It pains me to see people hit ledges on a fixed gear.

  • Ck – hahah!

    Chris – Yeah, he takes great shots!

    Sakkis Why?

    I dunno. It doesn’t mess up my bike at all, is fun and when you can get 20′ long grinds, is kinda like the joy people get from skidding. Not to mention some combos!

    I guess it’s the same how trackstand tricks pain me to watch. Don’t get me wrong, I love that kids are doing tricks, It’s just that people need to be more comfortable in riding terrain on theirs in my opinion.

    I just like riding spot and pulling lines more than sitting in one spot doing tricks. I feel like the direction this is all going will ultimately be determined by a few variables:

    -durability of products
    -gear ratio
    -tire size

  • chris

    good shots.

  • motivatedBYhate

    Flicks are dope but the info on his graff needs to be updated – thats a huge semz fillin not senz

  • cool, I posted a comment on his flickr.

  • hfwido

    Too bad he didnt shoot all the other riders who were at Peel killing…