MPLS Sunday! Nov 17, 2008

MPLS Sunday from Andrew Gruhn on Vimeo.

Introducing Jesse Hillard. Watch this video. It rules! The 180 Bunnyhop at the end is BALLER! Just get some foot retention and you’re golden!

  • chris

    that 180 is fucking bad ass.

  • I recently was in the track or treat trick comp and out of no where this guy Jesse busts out of the crowd and did all these 180’s and just killed the whole comp. He’s a real nice guy and is definitely pushing the rest of us here in Minneapolis.

  • smoothcam that slowmo shit!

  • Our little session last night was awesome. Jesse killed it. I”ve been wanting to 180 that thing on my mtn bike all summer, and this kid shows up and wrecks it on his fixie. Props to andy for the footage.

    We shot film all weekend and will be dropping an edit tomorrow. watch for it.


  • 北京wills

    Amazing! I never knew this guy was so good at fixed gear trick riding. He was always just my girlfriends friends’ boyfriend. Nice work, makes me homesick…

  • Wabbajack

    Very Nice Job! Can someone tell me the name of the song?