I Envy You Nov 10, 2008


I envy you riders with indoor velodromes. In a few weeks, I won’t be able to ride without a balaclava or gloves and even now, it’s snowing in Wisconsin. The days are shorter and it’s almost time to break out the rollers again. I wish I had an indoor track where I could train when it’s nasty out.

This pic, from the Flickr stream of Giothebike is really awesome. One of the first times I’ve liked a fisheye photo of a track bike.

The rest of his bike pictures are worth scrolling through as well!

  • nickinwi

    thanks for the lil shout out!

  • seriously man. I talked to a friend of mine from back in California and he was saying “when it drops below 45 out here, i dont ride”. He also lives a half hour from the ADT velodrome. not fair at all.

  • Tad

    There’s gotta be an empty warehouse somewhere here in NY where we can build one. Redhook?