Getta Bmx! Nov 3, 2008


Tom’s the only guy I know who kills every bike he’s on. Whether it’s a 20″, a 24″ cruiser, a fixed gear, a track bike or in this case a 24″ ACL.

He’s riding a prototype from BMW at the spot in Philly where I pitted my headset on my concept and we were promptly encouraged to leave by the neighborhood kids.

Via Tony Fast’s Flickr

  • ben

    I’ve skated that spot before, it’s got some interesting locals. Don’t get shanked.

  • Tom

    We like to call it Philly.

  • Jake

    Thats ghetto banks, a dude i know was there filming some skating and got robbed at machine gun point. you need a hood pass to chill there, i.e. at least 8 people, preferably some black