You Know You’re the Best When….


You Know You’re the Best When….

Taiwan rips you off to a ‘t’. Fuck this shit. Some asshole in Taiwan has made bootleg Hold Fast straps. They’re 100% identical. Get some original ideas clowns. Hold Fast isn’t some big company. They’re a small, 2-person operation and you’re taking their idea and mass-producing it. Where they fuck will all the good ideas come from if every time someone creates something, it’s ripped off?

Don’t be mistaken, I’ve stood up for vintage replicas in the past, but these aren’t some foot retention model from the 1970’s, they’re a new system that is the by-product of 1000’s of hours of testing by a grass roots company. The kind of grass-roots company that is taking a huge risk. A lot of hard work went into these and you assholes bought a pair, convinced them to ship them to Taiwan and then copied them exactly.